Pekoe & Imp
About The Project
Recreating the tea store
experience digitally

Pekoe & Imp is an online store that sources for specialty single origin teas.

The website redesign was part of my UX course project at General Assembly. Throughout the journey, I rediscovered what tea drinking meant for myself and others

Design Challenge

The following are the initial design challenges that I wanted to tackle:


Integrating both new and existing users seamlessly


Recreating the physical experience of a tea-store online


Capturing the essence of tea in a website

User Interviews
Affinity Mapping
Card Sorting
Timeline: 2 weeks
The Problem

Imagine this - you had just entered a tea specialty shop. It’s your first experience buying artisan tea. You see shelves lined with all sorts of assortments of tea coupled with perplexing names. What do you do?

These were the kind of questions that surfaced in my mind as I conducted my user interviews. Why users were drinking tea. What were their impressions of artisan tea. What are their considerations when buying tea?

User Research
User interviews were conducted across 10 participants from various backgrounds who have shown an interest in tea drinking and were familiar with purchasing online products. Their insights guided the design process.

Tea drinkers generally belonged into 2 categories: experienced and casual tea drinkers. The challenge here was to find similarities between them so that the solution is all-encompassing.
Experienced Tea Drinker
“I like the store experience of buying tea”
Buying directly from stores allows users to discern quality personally.

In addition, the availability of special machinery in stores produces superior tea brew
Insight 01
“I am concerned with the reputability and quality of my tea”
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Insight 02
“I am skeptical of tea that I personally have not tried before”
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Casual Tea Drinker
“I find it difficult to discern between artisan and commercial tea brands”
Users lack knowledge in understanding the different taste, quality, brewing process of tea.

For them, drinking tea has become a habitual social bonding experience between families and friends
Insight 03
“I want to be educated on the different types of tea”
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Insight 04
“I enjoy drinking tea with my friends"
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Problem Statement
How might we build trust to distinguish our tea brand from others because user trusts what is already familiar
The Solution

What was surprising to me was what the product, tea, represented. For some, it reminded them of their tea-drinking experiences overseas. For others, a quiet moment of remembrance

Tea drinking is so intricately intertwined with our lives. The key was to re-examine tea beyond a product but rather what it delivers and it’s value to users

Building Trust
Feature Tea Origin

One of the more memorable interviews mentioned how much better tea seem to taste overseas. The sheer backdrop of drinking at the tea plantation itself contributed to the authenticity tea drinking experience. I wanted to recreate that memory by featuring pictures of locations where the tea is sourced from. Featuring these locations adds credibility to the product as well.

Building Reputation
Sampling option

Reputation is earned with trust as the foundational blocks. Similarly to building trust, we would want customers to feel assured of their purchase. Hence, by allowing for customers to have samples delivered, it helps potential customers gain confidence in the purchase. With the distribution of our product and packaging, the brand visibility increases as well

Informative Content
Providing Tea-bits

One of the key opportunities I've identified across my interviews was to reach out to casual tea drinkers. Unfamiliarity with jargons and low exposure makes artisan tea feel that much more inaccessible.  I sought to simplify the names of different teas and provide useful trivia that would enhance their tea drinking experience

The Future
Rethinking teashops

A physical tea store definitely offers a unique experience. Throughout this journey, I sought to recreate that experience as closely as possible.

Introducing... The Online Café

Think of it as a virtual café where you can relax, read news articles and even listen to the ambience music from the convenience of your home. It is a safe space for like-minded individuals to hang out virtually and maybe even order a cup of tea while you're at it